Welcoming Forrest Sun To The Americana Showcase in May 2017

Six Mile Grove is proud to welcome Forrest Sun to the Americana Showcase at The Rochester Civic Theatre on Friday, May 12th!

No Depression describes his music “as a quiet joy in a raucous world”.  Check out his official website here:

Call The Civic Theatre at 507-282-8481 for Tickets or visit www.rochestercivictheatre.org

Six Mile Grove station now available on Pandora !

We are excited to let you all know that you can now add a Six Mile Grove station to your favorites on Pandora internet radio. If you already have a Pandora account, you can easily add a station with the search function. For more Six Mile Grove song selections, you can send requests and comments to add the last 2 albums, Steel Mule and Secret Life in a Quiet Town. Currently Pandora is playing songs from the Bumper Crop album.
If you don’t have Pandora, it is a free computer download and ap for mobile devices (Pandora website). Not only can you listen to your favorite music, you can “like” or “dislike” songs, to further tailor your stations to your liking. It is also a great way to be introduced to similar artists.

We’re Gonna Drive The Zamboni

Martin Zellar returning to midwest for a small holiday tour

Austin, MN native musician Martin Zellar, of The Gear Daddies, and “I Want to Drive the Zamboni” fame will be kicking off a Minnesota tour on November 21 at the Pioneer Place Theatre in St. Cloud, MN. Though he now permanently resides in a small mountain village in Mexico, Zellar makes it a point to come back every so often to reconnect with his devoted fan base, which has been building since 1984 when Zellar moved from Austin, MN to the Twin Cities to create the band “The Gear Daddies.”
In recent years, Zellar has become a welcome guest of the Americana Showcase in Rochester, MN, hosted by Six Mile Grove lead singer Brandon Sampson. Sampson, who is only a few years younger than Zellar, grew up just 20 miles south of Austin, MN listening to Zellar’s music, hoping to follow in his footsteps by cracking into the MN music scene. In addition, Six Mile Grove has been Zellar’s opening act numerous times throughout the years, and now the musicians will be partnering for a handful of shows across the midwest.
“I remember the first time Martin played the Americana Showcase a few years ago,” says Sampson. “It was kind of surreal to get to sit on a stage with a guy I’ve looked up to my whole life.” Zellar shares Sampson’s enthusiasm, “It’s refreshing to play with someone as dedicated to songwriting as Brandon is. It definitely motivates me to keep going, to keep writing, to keep playing.”
The first show of the tour, at the Pioneer Place Theater in St. Cloud on November 21 will be a solo acoustic show featuring Sampson as the opening act. Subsequent shows, at the St. Mane Theater in Lanesboro (Nov. 22), Vangarde Arts Center in Sioux City, IA (Nov. 23) and The Olde Pine Theatre in Pine Island, MN (Nov. 24) will feature Sampson’s band Six Mile Grove as the opening act, and backing band for Zellar.
Tour and ticket information can be found at www.martinzellar.com/shows and at www.sixmilegrove.com/shows-2.Zellar SMG Pine Island Nov 24

Bob Wootton Comes To Town!

Bob Wootton will be performing with us in Pine Island on Thursday, August 22nd and in Osage, IA on Saturday, August 24th.

Click Here for tickets to the Osage Performance:  http://www.mitchellcountyhistoricalsociety.org/guaranteed-cash—fundraiser

This Morning

Fight Like a Man

For Crying Out Loud

Owatonna Arts Center August 2nd!

Join Six Mile Grove and Special Guest Molly Dean on Friday Night August 2nd for the Americana Showcase at the Owatonna Arts Center.

6:30PM Doors.  7:30PM Music.

Details Here!

Help Us Help The Boys And Girls Club!

Dig Deep Rochester!  Help us Help the Boys and Girls Club of Rochester by attending the Americana Showcase Special Wine Tasting and Concert this coming Wednesday Night July 10th!

A Night of World Class Wines and World Class Music.  5:30PM Wine.  7:30PM Music.

“Songwriters In The Round” Proudly Sponsored by Andy’s Liquor and Featuring:

Martin Zellar of the Gear Daddies

Brian Leighton of GB Leighton

Bob Wootton Legendary Guitarist for Johnny Cash

Brandon Sampson of Six Mile Grove

100% OF ALL TICKET SALES go directly to the Boys and Girls Club.

Click Here for Tickets and Information!